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Exquisite Wedding Catering Services Malaysia

wedding-catering-menu-01You do not need to worry anymore about how you will make that wedding ceremony a success. With our top notch wedding catering menu solutions, we are ready to make it the most memorable day of your life. We are an all-round company that provides customized services that cut across all cultures and religions.

Why choose our wedding catering menu options

Indian wedding catering menu

Where we provide lavish décor and try to bring in the traditional taste of Indian dishes, providing appetisers in the form of soft drinks and starter meals followed by the main course foods for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The Indian delicacies include salads, pulao, daals, breads and other spicy dishes as instructed. Desserts finish the line-up of enjoyment.

Malay wedding catering menu

Puts in place perfect décor in line with the Malay taste. The assortment of Malay food arranged in buffet will leave your guests yearning for more.

Chinese wedding catering menu

Where we provide Chinese foods that bear symbolised meaning to the newly-weds such as fish, chicken prepared in red oil, roasted pork, lobsters, pigeons, cakes and other relevant menu items.

Halal wedding catering

Where we provide the entire menu that is allowed in Muslim settings and served by our Muslim caterers. You will not go short of biryani, choice meat, flavoured rice, chicken and other assorted Halal meals. We take into account the religious reservations by providing Muslim caterers.

Barbeque wedding catering menu

This is a spectacular menu full of roasted meat, bread and baked items made through excellent outdoor kitchens. The bbq outdoor service is top notch and will leave your guests mesmerized.

Italian wedding catering menu

Options affords you the best Italian foods such as olives, prosciutto, pasta, pickled peppers, salami, calamari, and sea foods. The wedding will definitely not be complete without an assortment of quality wines.

Vegetarian wedding catering menu

Where we avail foods that will not trigger allergies. Hence, you guests health needs are well taken catered for by our vegetarian catering team.

Common mistakes people make when hiring caterers

wedding-catering-menu-02Many people make the mistake of hiring any caterer so long as they run a successful company. Not every wedding catering services provider will deliver specialized requests. Some of them might just general caterers who have little knowledge on issues that transcend taste such as tradition. For example, you may end up messing your Muslim or Indian wedding because the caterer does not understand the food obligations if such a wedding.

With our diversified professional wedding catering services and expertise in different cultural and religious orientations, there is no reason why we should not make your event a success. Our prices are affordable, and packages are customized according to client needs. A wedding ceremony is not worth risking. Give us a call today for the best wedding catering menu solutions within Malaysia.

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